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KR Sabers Thrawn Hunter

I am no Jedi

I recently got these hilts (Katana and Shoto) of Ahsoka Tano and I love how the updated version turned out.

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These parts have been meticulously engineered to replicate the prop as closely as possible 🤓. CNC machined from AL 6061 and Brass, they strike the perfect balance between weight and feel. Unlike the Gen1, the Shoto doesn’t have any painted parts; instead, everything has been anodized and blasted for a smooth and clean finish.

The hilt comes almost fully assembled and requires minimal setup. Simply attach the D-rings using screws (no bending necessary), glue the anodized body plates, and insert the recharge ports. If you need any help, there’s also a tutorial provided by Khal , like always 🤗.

I haven’t had a chance to test the sound quality or installation of the Gen2, I can compare it to my old installed Gen1 Shoto, which I owned for a while. The blade holder was my main issue, as the screw that held the “bowl” came loose over time, causing the blade to wobble due to the missing blade depth. Although this could have been fixed, the hilt was running on Nano Biscotte v4 with “Smoothswing” on the horizon. I eventually sold it and waited for the “Smoothswing transition.” Sound-wise, it was relatively loud by today’s standards but rather high-pitched, like the ELF Kylo Ren. This is not surprising, given the small sideways installed speaker, the missing resonance chamber and the limited space.

In conclusion, I’d recommend the Gen1 as a shelf queen. I mean c’mon look at it . Although it’s obvious that you don’t want to throw this thing around 😁.

The return of Ahsoka Tano in the second season of “The Mandalorian” was a momentous occasion for fans of the “Star Wars” franchise. Ahsoka, who first appeared in the animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” is a fan-favorite character who has captured the hearts of many with her strength, courage, and loyalty. One of the most exciting parts of Ahsoka’s appearance in “The Mandalorian” was the reveal of her iconic weapon: the lightsaber.

Ahsoka’s lightsaber is unique in the “Star Wars” universe, as it is a white lightsaber. This is because Ahsoka’s lightsaber was originally green, but during her time as a member of the Jedi Order, she was falsely accused of a crime and expelled from the Order. After leaving the Jedi, Ahsoka continued to fight for what she believed in, but she no longer saw herself as a Jedi. As a result, she abandoned her green lightsaber and constructed a new one using kyber crystals she had acquired during her travels. Ahsoka purified the crystals and removed the dark side taint that was present in them, which turned her new lightsaber blades white.

Ahsoka in the Mandalorian (Source: Disney)

In “The Mandalorian,” Ahsoka’s lightsaber is just as impressive as ever. The weapon is a testament to Ahsoka’s skill and dedication as a warrior, and it is clear that she has honed her abilities over the years. The white blades are sleek and elegant, and they are perfectly suited to Ahsoka’s acrobatic fighting style. Ahsoka wields her lightsaber with a grace and fluidity that is a joy to watch, and it is clear that she is a force to be reckoned with.

The white blades represent Ahsoka’s unique perspective on the Force and her refusal to be defined by the strict rules and dogma of the Jedi Order. This hilt is a representation of her individuality and her willingness to question authority when she feels it is necessary. It is a reminder that Ahsoka is not just a Jedi, but she is also a hero in her own right.

A full breakdown of the kit is below

  • 1 x ‘Thrawn Hunters’ DIY Empty Hilt
  • 2 x Katana Body accent panels pieces
  • 2 x Shoto Body accent panels pieces
  • 2 x Emitter extensions
  • 2 x D-Rings
  • 2 x 2.1mm Recharge Ports

The Design and Content is still a work in progress and might vary from day to day.