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Blasterfactory Fieldmarshal Bergmann

This is the Way

Today I’m presenting the ultimate Mando blaster replica: the Fieldmarshal Bergmann Mandalorian Blaster, meticulously crafted to embody the iconic screen weapon. This kit offers an unparalleled opportunity to build your own high-quality blaster that mirrors the original design.

Each blaster is skillfully CNC machined using premium aluminum and brass, featuring a sleek anodized black finish, with blued steel and brass accents for an exceptional aesthetic appeal. The wooden grips add a touch of authenticity and functionality, along with a fully operational trigger and hammer.

This is a non-firing, non-functional replica, designed to satisfy the needs of the most discerning Jedi collectors or passionate cosplayers. Whether for performance purposes, display showcases, or to enhance your personal collection, the Fieldmarshal Bergmann Mandalorian Blaster is a must-have item. Its high-end quality and attention to detail will impress even the most seasoned padawan, elevating your collection to the next level.

The BlasTech IB-94, also known as the Bergmann-Schmeisser 1893, has become a beloved firearm among science fiction fans and firearm enthusiasts alike. This rare and unique pistol was designed by Louis Schmeisser and manufactured by the Bergmann Waffenfabrik company in Germany in the late 19th century. Its delayed blowback mechanism, detachable magazine, and reliability made it a favorite among collectors.

In the Star Wars universe, the pistol was transformed into the BlasTech IB-94, a sleek and futuristic laser firearm used by bounty hunters and mercenaries. Its high rate of fire, compact size, and powerful BlasTech fusion rounds make it an ideal weapon for close-quarters combat.

Mandalorian with IB-94 in Season 1 (Source: Disney)

Weapons are my religion

The Mandalorian’s main character, Din Djarin, relies on the BlasTech IB-94 as his preferred sidearm. Its unique features allow him to effectively handle any combat situation, including penetrating armor and shields. Although the BlasTech IB-94 replica cannot be used in reality, the Bergmann-Schmeisser 1893 pistol remains a highly sought-after and valuable firearm.

I purchased the anodized/pre-assembled version of this product on May the 4th last year, but there is also a DIY-KIT available. You can also add a display stand to the order, that looks quite nice. I’d have totally gone for it, but since I’m from europe the extra cost is often not worth it due to the extra fees (tax/duty).

The prebuilt version comes with most of the steel and brass upgrade parts. Unfortunately, I forgot to add the “brass block greeblie” to my order and shipping costs five times the product’s price. Also don’t forget the tax and duty… So for now, I’ll keep it natural and clean and observe how it wears down over time through natural weathering. In the future, I might redo the grips using Tru-oil and Walnut stain for a smoother finish.

UPDATE: Although I initially said I would keep it as is for now, which I did for the last 4 months. I ended up weathering the pistol yesterday. I also used some leftover “brass black” on the steel parts, which worked surprisingly well. On the big circular piece I used some acrylic paint. The only remaining step is to give the “steel block greeblie” a brass color. To achieve this, I ordered a flaming torch attachment and a brass wire drill brush. These tools are the best option aside from using a patina, which is scarce in Europe.

UPDATE2: Well, heating didn’t really work as planned, so I decided to use a leftover gold spray, which turned out pretty good.

UPDATE3: I got the “brass block greeblie” for free😁

Fieldmarshal Bergmann with some weathering/painting/anodizing

A full breakdown of the pistol is below

  • Caliber: 7.5mm Swiss Revolver
  • Clip Capacity: 5 rounds
  • Overall Length: 11 in (280mm)
  • Barrel Length: 5.35 in (135mm)
  • Weight: 34.5 oz (980g)
  • Action: Delayed blowback
  • Upgraded steel parts
  • Upgraded Brass parts

The Design and Content is still a work in progress and might vary from day to day.