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89Sabers Fallen V3

A New Hope in a Dark Era

Jaro Tapal, a Kel Dor Jedi Master, stands as a representation of the values that the Jedi Order upheld before its fall during the Clone Wars. His lightsaber, a traditional weapon of the Order, reflects his commitment to peace, justice, and the preservation of life. As players venture through the narrative of “Jedi: Fallen Order,” they encounter Jaro’s legacy through his apprentice, Cal Kestis. Cal, a survivor of Order 66, the event that led to the massacre of countless Jedi, inherits Jaro’s lightsaber, which has come to symbolize the lost wisdom of the Order.

Furthermore, Jaro’s lightsaber becomes a metaphorical torchbearer for the resurgence of hope and the Jedi’s undying legacy. Cal Kestis, burdened by the knowledge of his fallen comrades and the extinction of the Jedi Order, wields the lightsaber to reclaim the spirit of the Jedi. In the face of the oppressive Galactic Empire, Cal’s journey with Jaro’s lightsaber is a testament to the enduring power of the Jedi’s ideals, even in the darkest times.

Design and Components

The lightsaber design reflects his pragmatic approach to survival and combat. The hilt is designed for functionality, featuring durable materials that can withstand the rigors of his perilous journey. The key components, including the emitter, focusing lens, and power cell, are meticulously chosen and assembled, resulting in a lightsaber that mirrors Cal’s personality—focused, resilient, and driven by a strong sense of purpose. The blue blade that emanates from the hilt is emblematic of his affiliation with the Jedi Order, emphasizing his commitment to its principles.

Evolution and Growth

As Cal embarks on his quest, his lightsaber becomes more than just a weapon; it becomes an extension of his journey and his growth as a Jedi. Through encounters with various challenges and adversaries, Cal’s lightsaber evolves, showcasing his increased mastery of the Force and his refining combat style. Upgrades and modifications demonstrate his adaptability and his willingness to harness the potential of the lightsaber to better suit his needs.

390mm lang und 35mm im Durchmesser


  • Total Length:336mm
  • Speaker MAX : 28mm
  • Main material: aluminium alloy

The Design and Content is still a work in progress and might vary from day to day.